My purposes

I have three main goals of my project`s development.

The first of them is my participation in international exhibitions and competitions.

For today all my works are covered with the transparent Plexiglas showcases and ready for exhibitions. I developed exposition`s design, according to the main concept of my project. Now I`m making exposition details.

If you would like to offer me proposals of participation in an exhibition or competition feel free! I shall be glad to describe my art.

The second goal is a consequence of the first one I plan to found and open my own gallery.

The first stage will exhibit my works of art and information about their construction. Also one could look at the drawings, temporary models, experimental materials` samples. The business section will be present also.
The next step will be the organizing of teaching master-classes and cooperation with the masters and artists who work in the similar genre.

I`ll be glad to receive any proposals about cooperation, premises sharing and other profitable arrangements for both sides. We could become partners in this business.

As a third goal ...

I really want make our World brighter, more interesting and beautiful. I know it`s naive but why not? Should we give something to our society, civilization - ? To give as a gratitude for the best unique gift we obtained for our life. Life we have here and now, on this planet, lost among the billions stars systems, in infinite Space.