About me

  Hello my friends!

I am.

My name is Alexandr.
I`m glad to see you on my web site: Master Zodchy!
I want to tell you some about myself and my art.

I was born in the great town of Sarov, Russia. Sarov, is well known due to its history, which was a serious influence to my outlook. It is one of the places of the world, which is so rich in historical events. It was a large town in the 11-12 centuries, with an advanced infrastructure. Some later that town was destroyed. In the 16th to the 20th centuries a great monastery was built there. Sarov`s monastery was known all over the world due to the greatest monk and mystic: Serafim Sarovsky (1754 -1833). Many miracles happened in Sarov in those years. After the 1917 revolution and world war II Sarov became a large scientific center.

Since my childhood I have admired the old monastery buildings, and been interested in the great history of the place. The interlacing of the ages, events, and my active parents, helped me to learn more about history, architecture, arts and crafts and created a large interest of artistic objects, and all the beauty of the world. But I like “living” history, which I can touch with my hands. My parents showed me how to make a little pit from wooden sticks. It was very interesting! When I was 12, I made my first art work. It was a model of a little wooden house, which was constructed from little handmade wood pieces. After that I made some houses and buildings. Then I began to design different projects, to think about new technologies. By that time I knew more about the history and art of my country, so I knew about Karelia and its wood architecture. Soon my first difficult work was born. It was a model of the Transformation church, which is the main building in the Karelia Kizhi ensemble. After that I made many different churches, chapels, houses, and buildings. My best work, to my mind, is the complete set of the Kizhi Ensemble. It comprises of approx 7,500 pieces, and has a scale of 1:300. I took 1 year to make this model.

When I was 18, I worked on the archeological excavations organized in Sarov, was a member of the Sarov historical club, and made my art models for museums, exhibitions, architectural displays and, of course, for my own collection. All my earlier art works consist of wood, but I also tried to make copies of stone buildings. The result of those was very nice! During those years I studied at university. After that I began to work at my principal job, which is as a technical engineer. I like techniques too, but I wanted to be an architect, as I realized later. Sometime later I began to make landscape art works with philosophical ideas in their foundations. Now I can make a copy of any landscape, wood or stone building. Every model takes a lot of time, from 2 months to 1 year or more. But I love my hobby very much. I have many artistic ideas, and I hope, they all will be realized.

I know that my models belong to a rare and unusual art form. I have this hobby and, I think, that my principal mission in the world is to create, to produce beauty, and to show it to people. I hope people look at my models and forget about their problems and worries for a minute. I want to present beauty, to bring good to our difficult world.

About my purposes and hopes you can read in the section “My purposes”.